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I've been making music since I was around 11 years old, and for almost the last thirty years have been more popularly known as Scanner releasing electronic and experimental music.

Some of you may know that I’ve always been rather an archivist and hold a vast library of unreleased material, including entire albums, film scores, ballet scores, artist collaborations and so much more. At present I have well over 200 live recordings from 1992 onwards, and over 850 videos of live shows and films. That’s not to mention the 2000+ CDRs and boxes of cassette tapes! I see this as an opportunity to share these exclusive items with you. The majority of this material will only be available to those who subscribe. They will not be made for general sale. Future items will include prints, photos, posters and all manner of delights only for Fan Club members.

And of course there’s all the new material too, the alternative mixes, the tracks that never made it to certain albums simply because of space, demos, interviews. Yes, a LOT of material basically. You might even get to hear some of the music I made as a teenager!

As some of you may have discovered limited items of mine sell out very fast, so you would also have first dibs on these before they go live to the public. No more frustration if you were after something and it had sold out, and no need to pay extortionate fees on other websites for them later either :-)

You will also become part of the subscriber community where you can post messages and photos, and converse with other supporters.

You get FORTY+ albums included with the subscription immediately too. AND releases ONLY for members, taken from my archives, including unreleased film soundtracks, installation scores, mixes, live concerts and more.

All Fan Club members get 15% discount on physical items too.

Remember - this subscription directly supports my work and the production of new material and you also own all the music. It’s not like renting something, so if you choose to leave you still own everything up until then!

It costs just Β£5.00 a month which is pretty much the price of a hipster coffee in certain cities, a beer in most bars or a pizza at the local takeaway. And they are usually all gone in less than 15 minutes, whilst this will stay with you as long as you wish! :-)

Here’s what you get:

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Get all the new music they release, plus bonus items from their back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

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